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D i a n a    T r e m a i n e


My work is moved by a search for truth – it could be a sliver that slides across my vision or a sublime shadow of a swing on a summer afternoon. I’m interested in elevating the beauty of a moment. In this age of sensationalism and social media I want to produce work that connects us to our humanity. 

My process involves developing and obliterating different passages in each painting repeatedly. The outcome is unknown to me until the final brushstroke. In this way the process itself, the act of discovering what is and is not important, is the ultimate “subject.” I am interested in creating and preserving surface tension through the use of opaque paint passages that sit in front of transparent passages, crisp edges that sit in front of soft edges. But I’m also interested in maintaining those small windows that reveal the very first marks on the canvas, left like ticks on a clock, to echo the history of a painting. In so doing I reveal a universal history of truth, reflected in subjective beauty.

Ultimately I explore the relationship of the real and the intangible. The conflict of image and abstraction, light and yearning, equal parts joy and loss, is the most powerful form of expression for me. Beauty is the thing that reminds us we are human. It transforms us and it holds us together.