Nashville Scene


We’ve only recently covered the programming at the Two Moon Gallery, but as the space plays host to a new pair of artists who specialize in nature-inspired work, we seem to be discerning a pattern.  Haden Pickel is a local painter whose impressionistic spaces are nearly always populated by graceful bodies that seem to sprout from canvases as naturally as grasses and trees.  Diana Tremaine is based in Bozeman, MT., and her intense mottled studies of birds in flight or foraging foxes imbue her subjects with consciousness and spirit.  Tremaine’s best work sets charcoal drawings against abstract fields of oils, disrupting traditional natural scenery to evoke a creature’s place in an eternal, mythic continuum.  Tremaine will attend the reception.  Opening reception 5-9 p.m. at Two Moon Gallery.  Through Nov. 4.

Joe Nolan